Our Members Save Over 50% in Healthcare Costs
The Community Healthcare Cooperative “CHC” is a community-focused, member-funded organization, providing affordable healthcare for individuals, families and employers. Our Mission is to make healthcare affordable, less financially risky and easier to manage.
Your Healthcare Needs are different than families and older people. We have plans just for you!
  • Only choose and pay for Medical Services you need and want
  • Plans start at only $35 per week
  • Use any Doctor and Medical Service
  • Include Your Pets
  • Discounts & Subsidies for being Healthy, Low Income
Your have additional Responsibilities now. There are other people depending on you. We have plans personalized for your family!
  • Include any person on your plan regardless of age or relationship; Grand parents even your pets
  • Discounts & Subsidies for being Healthy, having a Family and Lower Income
  • Family Plans start at only $72 per week
There are two main reasons for offering your employees a healthcare program: recruiting and retention of good employees. Historically, to meet these objectives, you've only had two options: Either self-insure or offer "Group" insurance. Both have a drawback; Cost! Today, CHC is offering you a new option!
The Community Healthcare Plan!

For All Your Community's Residents, Employers & Organizations

Affordable and Personalized Healthcare Plans for Individuals, Families and Employers.
Financial Subsidies for Communities, Medical Providers & Rural Hospitals
Financial Compensation for Union & Trade Associations & Ind. Reps
Donations for Non-Profits, Charity & Religious Organizations
Healthcare Plans For Singles & Families

For Singles & Families

  • Affordable - 50% less than any other healthcare plan.
  • You Choose Your Own Doctor – Even Specialists, Holistic. No “Network” Requirement.
  • All Medical Services are Included – Dental, Vision, Hearing, & Holistic.
  • Prescription Medications - Reimbursed 100%. No Deductibles or Co-Pays!
  • Include Anyone, Even Your Pets – No age or relationship restrictions!
  • Receive Discounts and Subsidies – Being Healthy, Having a Family, Being a Senior, Lower Income.
Healthcare Plans For Employers

For Employers

  • Affordable - 50% less than any “Group” or "Self-Funded" plan.
  • Include Everyone - Employees, 1099s, Part-timers, Affiliates even Volunteers
  • Your Staff Choose Their Own Doctor, Coverages & Medical Benefits – Not so with a "Group" Plan!
  • Financial Subsidies to pay a Staff Member's "Group" Plan – Reduces Financial Risks!
  • Loss of Income Coverage - Caused by a medical event!
  • We manage your Healthcare Plan for you – So You can run your business!
Healthcare Plans For Medical Providers

For Medical Providers

  • Receive Non-Medical, Annuity-Style, Subsidy income! - A New Income Source!
  • Increase Your Per Patient Income! - Even when not providing a Medical Service!
  • Increase the number of patient’s selecting your Medical Practice! - CHC Referrals!
  • Receive cash subsides & payment guarantees when treating CHC Cooperative Members.
  • Offer All Your Staff an Affordable Healthcare Plan! A Great Option & alternative to a “Group” Plan!
  • Give all your Staff the Individual and Family CHC Benefits - See Individuals & Families.
Healthcare Plans For Independent

For Independent Sales Representatives

  • High, Annuity-Style Compensation – No Income limits, No Reductions, Cash Advances!
  • Free Healthcare – No waiting period!
  • No prior health or sales experience needed
  • No license requirement- No Territories. Sell anywhere!
  • Lead Program Available - Gets you going immediately, Supplements your income!
  • Training Provided – On-Line and personal.
  • Home Team Support – No non-sales activities or Medical Claim processing!
  • Be Your Own Boss – Go solo or set-up a Sales Team. We’ll help! Join CHC!

The Community Healthcare Cooperative​

CHC is a community-focused, member-funded organization, providing affordable healthcare solutions for individuals, families and employers.

People Insuring People.

We are similar to an Agricultural Cooperative, which provides a “One-Stop” community business service for farmers.

CHC is a “One-Stop” community healthcare service, which provides affordable healthcare plans for you, all members of your community, in all 50 states and world-wide.

Our Mission is to make healthcare more affordable to purchase and to receive when you need a medical service.

FOR MORE DETAILS ABOUT CHC. Email: Concierge@ or CALL (303) 679-1928

The Community Healthcare Cooperative​
Community Healthcare Cooperative, LLC What Makes Us Different

Community Healthcare Cooperative, LLC
What Makes Us Different?

About Community Healthcare Cooperative

Who We Are

CHC is your community’s Healthcare Cooperative. CHC Is similar to a farming community’s Agricultural Cooperative. Members of your community join CHC to receive an affordable healthcare program.

Choose Your Own Doctor

Choose Your Own Doctor

With CHC you can use any Medical Provider. No “In- Network” requirement. No restrictions: Primary Care, Specialists even Holistic. No Deductibles or Co-Insurance: A single, simple Co-Pay.

Use any Medical Service

Use any Medical Service

All Medical Services are Included in the low affordable price: Medical, Dental, Vision, Hearing, Holistic, Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Critical Illness, Labs, Tests & X-Rays. Anywhere in the U.S and World-Wide.

Prescription Medications are Reimbursed 100%

Prescription Medications are Reimbursed 100%

Purchase anywhere. Get discounts. Then CHC will 100% reimburse your purchase. No Co-Pays or Deductibles.

Receive Discounts and Subsidies

Receive Discounts and Subsidies

As a CHC Member. Being Healthy. Having a Family. Being a Senior. Having a Lower income. All available to lower your already low CHC Healthcare Plan price.

Your Personal Healthcare Concierge

Your Personal Healthcare Concierge

Helps you manage your Healthcare Plan. Helps you locate affordable Medical Services. Negotiates discounts on medical service costs. Checks medical bills for errors, inappropriate costs and charges.

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