The community Healthcare Cooperative

CHC is a community-focused, member-funded organization, providing affordable healthcare solutions for individuals, families and employers. People Insuring People.

We are similar to an Agricultural Cooperative, which provides a “One-Stop” community business service for farmers.

CHC is a “One-Stop” community healthcare service, which provides affordable healthcare plans for you, all members of your community, in all 50 states and world-wide.

Our Mission is to make healthcare affordable, less financially risky and easier to manage.

Corporate Headquarters:  We’re located in Colorado and offer our CHC Membership & CHC Healthcare Plan anywhere in the U.S. and the World.  We’ve been around for over eight years.

Our Members:  Single persons, Families and Employers.

Our Clients:  To Whom We Provide Affiliation Subsidies.

  Medical Providers

  Union & Trade Associations

  Non-Profit Organizations

  Rural Hospitals

  Towns & Communities

People Insuring People


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