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Your Business Mission:  Non-Profit Organizations are usually created to source and provide various services to its Clients.  To attract new and retain current Clients means your Organizations needs to continue to provide programs and services that benefit your Clients.

One of the most sought-after benefit is affordable healthcare.  CHC is proposing your Organization offer the CHC Healthcare Program to your Clients and their families.

The Need:  All people and employers are facing the same problem. The cost of Health Insurance is not affordable.  Just look at the monthly premium cost.  Even with an employer subsidy, the cost is too high for many people.  Adding family members is also too expensive. And that’s not the biggest problem!

Look at the insurance plan’s Out-of-Pocket costs.  In 2022 the average Out-of-Pocket cost is $8,000 or more.  Just ask yourself this question, “How many of your Clients can afford to pay $8,000 when they need to receive medical services?” 

The answer is usually “None”.  There needs to be another answer. We have the answer.

The Solution:  CHC Healthcare Plans start as low as $62 biweekly.  Out-of-Pocket costs can be as low as $1,000 (no Deductible or Co-insurance).  To see more, look at FAQs about CHC Healthcare Plans.

Association Income:  Oh yes, there is a Donation program for your Organization. CHC has a liberal, “annuity-style”, Donation program that pays you month-after-month, year-after-year.

To see how much your Donation can be, contact us for a proposal.

Yes!  CHC has a liberal, “annuity-style” Donation program. Your Donation continues month after month as long as the CHC Healthcare Plan is offered and purchased by your Staff or Organization Members.

Think about your suppliers and all persons you come in contact with your business. All need an affordable healthcare plan. You can help them and CHC will compensate you.

Request a Proposal and we’ll describe your Donation program plus show your projected Donations.

Introduction:  First, we’re going to use some financial terms.  Then give you some examples and show you how it all relates to your Organization and to your CHC Donation Proposal.

Transactional Income is when a business receives payment when they sell a product or a service.  With Transactional Income the business gets paid once per transaction.  For example, a real estate broker’s commission is a form of Transactional Income.

Organizations, such as yours, rarely have Transactional Income. Instead, rely upon donations.

For purposes of your Proposal, we’ll call this your “Transactional Donation”.

Annuity Income is when a business receives on-going income from a sale, usually without doing any additional activities.  A monthly Membership Fee is a form of Annuity Income. 

Organizations, such as yours, rarely have Annuity Income.

For purposes of your Proposal, we’ll call this your “Annuity Donation”.

The Reason for our Donation:  

Your donation is being paid to reimburse you for your efforts associated with offering CHC to the individuals and associations you Organization services (your “Associates”).

You receive a Donation for each Associate you sponsor and who joins CHC.  The amount of your Donation is based on the type of services you perform.

You Donation Plan has Two Options:

  Option 1 – Transactional Donation:  Simply introduce CHC to your Associates and staff.  For those who have health insurance, ask them if they would like to have a “free”, no obligation review of their healthcare insurance plan.

For those who do not have insurance, ask them if they would be interested in having an affordable healthcare plan.

Collect some basic information and forward to CHC.  We will follow-up with each Associate with a no cost CHC Healthcare Affordability Review.

CHC will pay you a $100 Donation for each Associate you assist to purchase a CHC Healthcare Plan.

  Option 2 – Annuity Donation:  With this Option, your staff person counsels your Associates, does their Quote and takes their application to purchase their CHC Healthcare Plan.  If you prefer, a CHC Staff Person will be assigned to your Organization to perform these functions.

CHC Donation Subsidy Example  Let’s take a typical 30 year old who has purchased a CHC Healthcare Plan. The monthly price is about $230. Your monthly Donation Subsidy would be $23.00, $276 per year.

Next, by only adding 10 new Associates per month would produce a total, initial, annual Annuity Donation for you of over $33,000.  And this Annuity Donation could continue for many years.

Summary:  The Donation Subsidy has the greatest cash amount and is the longest paying. The Donation Subsidy is much better than the one-time, Transactional Donation.

With either Option it will be a great Service offered by your Organization to all your Associates and your Staff.

To anyone!  Your Associates, employees, part-timers, 1099s, volunteers and other affiliates (your “Staff). There are no restrictions.

To other people and companies. Consider the persons and companies that regularly interact with you and your Organization. They all need an affordable healthcare plan.

Help them get an affordable healthcare plan and we’ll compensate you for your assistance.

Yes!  Give your Staff and your Associates the CHC healthcare option.

No!  Your Staff and your Associates can “Opt-In” or “Opt-Out” at any time.

There are two options

  Option 1:  Promote CHC along with any other healthcare plan you are now offering to your Staff and your Associates.

Offer to do a “Healthcare Affordability Review”.  The Healthcare Affordability Review includes a quote and a comparison to their current health insurance plan.  Help your Staff and your Associates complete and send the CHC Healthcare Affordability Review form to CHC.  We’ll follow-up with your Staff and your Associates to discuss the results of the Review.

  Option 2:  Have a staff person perform the Review and discuss the results with your Staff and your Associates.  We’ll train your staff person to conduct the Review.  The Review process only takes about 5 minutes.  Finalize the sale and send the order to CHC.

With either Option it will be another great service offered by your Organization to your Staff and your Associates.

Contact us to discuss these options and compensation.

  CHC Healthcare Plans are More Affordable than Group Plans: About 50% less expensive per month. Out-of-Pocket costs are about 80% or more less expensive.

  Each CHC Plan is Individually Designed by Each Staff Member:  Not by an insurance company or the government.

  Each Staff Member can use any Medical Provider, Any Medical Service, Anywhere in the World:  No “In-Network” requirement. No limitations!

Included popular coverages:  Traditional Medical, Holistic, Dental, Vision, Hearing, Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Labs, Tests & X-Rays, Vaccines, Critical Illness, Medical Transportation and more.

✓  Prescription Medications are Reimbursed 100%:  No Deductibles or Co-Pays.

✓  No Deductibles or Co-Insurance:  Only a single, affordable Co-Pay.

  Each Staff Member Receives Discounts & Financial Subsidies:  For Being Healthy, Having a Family, Being a Senior, Having a Low Income.

  Financial Subsidies:

Loss of Income Subsidy – If and when your Staff Member loses their income due to a medical event, CHC will pay their CHC Healthcare Plan’s monthly price.

ACA & Group Plan Financial Subsidy – CHC will pay your Staff Member’s ACA or Group plan’s costs when they are diagnosed with a major medical illness and an ACA or Group plan is recommended.

  Receive the CHC Healthcare Concierge Service:  Helps manage the CHC Member’s entire Healthcare Program.  Reviews the CHC Member’s bills for possible billing errors.  Locates medical service discounts and cost-effective Medical Providers.  Answers general healthcare questions.

  Get a Community Healthcare Savings Account (CHSA): Each CHC Member gets a CHSA. Our CHSA is similar to a federal HSA with greater benefits.  Here’s a key difference.  CHC matches the CHC Member’s CHSA Contributions and pays 5% interest on their CHSA balances.

  Get Sponsorship Bonuses:  Any CHC Member can receive $100 for each person or family they Sponsor who purchases a CHC Healthcare Plan.

  Price-Lock Guarantee:  No price increase options for up to 3 years.

Plus More… Contact CHC!

The Following are Representative Prices:  One CHC Healthcare Plan, which can be customized by choosing may different options.  The CHC prices include popular coverages such as Wellness visits, Dental, Vision, Hearing plus Holistic, Chiropractic, and Acupuncture Medical Services.

ACA & Group Plans only include Wellness visits until the Plan’s Out-of-Pocket costs are met. Dental, Vision, Hearing are extra costs that need to be purchased from other insurance companies.  Holistic, Chiropractic, Acupuncture are usually not covered.

Out-of-Pocket Costs:  CHC has no Deductible or Co-Insurance Cost. Only a single, affordable Co-Pay with a Maximum of $1,000 Out-of-Pocket cost per Medical Claim.

ACA & Group Plans:  The annual Deductible and Co-Insurance Cost is about $8,000.  This cost must be paid before the ACA pays any Medical costs.  The only exception is an annual Wellness exam. Not Very Affordable!

Note:  Because a CHC Healthcare Plan has more coverages than an ACA or Group plan, this is not a true “Apples to Apples” comparison.

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