What Our Members Are Saying about CHC

Community Healthcare Cooperative saved our family $905 per month. We were paying $1,441 per month for an employer plan. Community Healthcare Cooperative lowered our cost to only $535. And we have an affordable co-pay and no deductible or co-insurance.

S. Morrison

We offer a Group Healthcare plan to our employees. Because of the cost we only had a 25% participation rate. We also had complaints because of the cost to add family members to the Group Plan. With CHC we have a much higher enrollment and happy employers who have families.

P. West

No one told me I had to pay $7,000 to use my Group insurance until I talked with a CHC Rep. Who has $7,000 to pay medical bills? I sure didn't! Now I have a CHC plan with a $1,000 max out of pocket.

S. Thelian

We had to decide between our healthcare insurance plan and our favorite doctor who wasn't "In-Network". We stayed with our doctor and purchased a CHC Healthcare plan.

B. Martin

Our choice was to pay $1,456.60 monthly or go without healthcare insurance. We chose no insurance. We simply couldn't afford the cost. That is until we found CHC.

K. Habermann

I was able to get my cat and dog covered on the same CHC Plan we have. Sweet!

K. Yagi

I'm a waitress. My company has a healthcare plan I can't afford. Community Healthcare Cooperative got me insurance for only $68 a paycheck.

L. Wilson

I received $50,000 in medical bills from a hospital and four different doctors and medical companies. Most I didn't even know. My Community Healthcare Cooperative Concierge sorted out the bills, negotiated them down to $18,000 and helped me setup a payment plan I could afford. Thanks.

R. O'Dell

When I switched to CHC from traditional insurance, I took some of my savings and funded my CHSA. CHC matched my monthly deposit and gave me 5% interest on my deposits. Just like getting "Free Money"

J. Klein

I needed help paying my medical bills. My neighbor introduced me to the Community Healthcare Cooperative's Benevolent Fund. Now I have a community of people helping me pay my medical bills.

M. Yates

I'm a 61 year old male. I don't need to pay for maternity coverage! That's why I went with CHC and not an Obamacare plan.

G. Fitz

I'm on an ACA plan and got a big federal subsidy to lower my cost. That was great until I found out what I had to tell and do for the IRS to keep my healthcare subsidy. Now I'm looking for a better healthcare plan.


I told several of my friends and relatives about Community Healthcare Cooperative. I now get a $60 per month reduction in my own healthcare costs. Sponsoring CHC Members does really lower your healthcare costs! You should do it!

T. Cook

I like helping people, so I became a CHC Representative. I now have a new business with a great income and future!

D. Baldwin

Our Community Healthcare Cooperative Concierge helped us file a medical claim and we got a $15,000 cash reimbursement.

Martin, B.

Our healthcare plan does not have doctor visits or medications until we pay a $8,000 deductible. We purchased CHC. Now we have as many doctor visits as we want with a small Co-Pay.

Le, E.


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