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First, please read “For Independent Reps” in the header “CHC Plans“. There’s a lot of information there. Then these “FAQs“. Lastly, select what you want to do next. Click an “Action Button“.

Thank You for your interest! The FAQs Follow

Practically Anyone.  First and foremost, CHC is looking for people who have a sincere desire to help people. Nurses and teachers have been very successful being a CHC Representative.

It’s helpful, but you do not need a health insurance background. It’s helpful, but not necessary to have a sales background.

To Help People get an Affordable Healthcare Plan

Your Role: To help individuals, families and employers get an affordable Healthcare Plan. Virtually every person and employee need and want a healthcare plan. What stands in their way is the cost. Your objective is to describe CHC’s basic purpose and to show them that CHC has affordable Healthcare plans for everyone.

Your prospects fall into three categories:

People who have no healthcare insurance:  Many people have gone without because they can’t afford the cost. Show them that CHC has Healthcare Plans that start as low as $75 bimonthly.

People who have traditional insurance:  These people are paying too much. These people are not aware of CHC and our Healthcare plan’s affordability and benefits.

Show them how much money they can save with a CHC Healthcare Plan. Show the range of Benefits and Coverages. Much more than a typical insurance plan. And, don’t forget their Out-of-Pocket costs. Likely they have $7,000 or more. With CHC, only $1,000.

Employers:  There are two different groups. In one group are employers who want to offer a healthcare plan for their employees, but can’t afford the cost.

The other group are employers who have a “Group” insurance plan. These employers are paying too much for their Group plan and usually have a low employee take rate.

What is more disturbing is almost all Group plans have about an $8,000 out-of-pocket cost for each employee. Double that for a family plan. Most employees can’t pay $8,000 to use their Group plan. So, an employer may be subsidizing their Group plan that is unaffordable to use.

Your role, for each category, is to educate and do a Quote:  Show the comparison between the CHC Healthcare Plan and their current healthcare plan.

CHC has a very liberal compensation plan.  However, your compensation depends on your level of involvement.  In general, you have two options.

Option 1:  Promote CHC to prospects to do a “CHC Healthcare Affordability Review“. The CHC Healthcare Affordability Review includes a quote and a comparison to your prospect’s current health insurance plan.

Help your prospect understand how CHC functions and complete and send the CHC Healthcare Affordability Review form to CHC. We’ll follow-up with your prospects to discuss the results of the Review.

This option pays you a liberal, one-time, compensation.

Option 2:  Perform the CHC Healthcare Affordability Review and discuss the results with your prospects. The Review process only takes about 5 minutes. Finalize the sale and send the order to CHC.

By the way, this is how car dealerships work with their clients, when selling new car, to offer financing and insurance services. See “Learn About and How to Adopt a Successful Business Model”.

This option pays you a liberal, on-going “annuity-style” compensation.

That Depends on You:  That depends on your commitment, persistence and time spent. It is not unusual to make over $100,000 each year.

Here are some examples:  An employer has 5 employees. Each person and family are individually Quoted and priced. In this example, there would be five CHC Healthcare Plans. Below shows the details:

  Two single persons age 22 and 40 would be $145.86 and $231.17 per month:  Total monthly $377.03. Your compensation would be $37.70 per month. For the first year, you would earn $452.40. You would also earn an additional $452.40 for the second and each additional year the CHC Member remains with CHC.

➪  Two families with no children age 28 each and 45 each would be $353.29 and $499.53 per month:  Total monthly $852.82. Your compensation would be $85.28 per month. For the first year, you would earn $1,023.36. You would also earn an additional $1,023.36 for the second and each additional year.

➪  One family of four, ages 35, 35 and 8 would be $492.37 per month: Your compensation would be $49.24 per month. For the first year, you would earn $590.88. You would also earn an additional $590.88 for the second and each additional year.

Total Compensation:  $172.22 per month. $2,067 per year.

No!  The CHC Healthcare Plan is not insurance and you are not compensated on any insurance sales unless you have an appropriate license.

No!  It is your decision how much time you devote to CHC.

Yes. On-Line & Local!  We use ZOOM and other electronic aids. We’ll personally train you how to interact with prospects and run a CHC Healthcare Affordability Review, a Quote. If you request, we’ll team you with a senior CHC Rep who can help you get started.

Anywhere!  There are no “territories” or protected areas.

It is important to understand that everyone is a prospect because everyone has a healthcare affordability issue. Think of your friends, relatives, neighbors, co-workers, and church members. Particularly, consider your local businesses. They all have a healthcare need for their employees. Everyone is a prospect.

Usually, our CHC Reps are active in the vicinity of their home. However, because selling is frequently based on a “Relationship”, you can sell the CHC Healthcare Plan anywhere in the U.S.

About 10 minutes!  The average time spent with a prospect is about one hour, answering questions and collecting information.

An employer quote can be done in just a few minutes. Even while you are with the prospect. Contrast this time to a “Group” insurance quote that could take several weeks.

To do a quote you can use the CHC “Smart” quote form or a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. CHC supplies both.

No!  Most prospect meetings are about the CHC Healthcare Plan’s cost. Then, a review of the CHC Healthcare Plan’s coverages. After about five prospect meetings you will be an “Expert”.

In addition, you will have a CHC support team to help you with any questions and even presentations.

Yes!  Once you become proficient you can request CHC to become a CHC Master Rep. Then you can recruit Sub-Reps to build a larger business and to increase your compensation.

As a CHC Master Rep you will receive additional compensation based on the sales of your Sub-Reps. Your Sub-Reps will continue to receive the same compensation as any CHC Representative.

Yes!  However, we want to be certain there are no “Conflicts of interest”. Call to discuss.

You have several options.

Become a CHC Rep:  Click the Action ButtonApply to Become a CHC Representative”. The “To Contact Us” form will appear.  Enter your contact information.  Use the “How We can Help” drop-down to request your Rep Application. Include any questions or requests.  Then “Submit”.   We’ll be back to shortly.

Get a Healthcare Quote – Design Your Own Healthcare Plan:  Click the Action ButtonGet Your Healthcare Quote

Learn More:  We suggest you review some of the other FAQs. Particularly, the FAQs about the Community Healthcare Cooperative.

Have Questions:  Click the Action ButtonContact Concierge Services“.

Thanks for your continued interest.


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