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Yes!  With CHC it does not matter the type of relationship you have with your workers. All can become CHC Members and get an affordable healthcare plan.

Employees and their family members and Pets, 1099s, part-timers, affiliates and volunteers.

Together we refer to all persons affiliated with your company as your “Staff” and individually “Staff Members”.

Yes!  In fact, they can even include their pets on their personal CHC Healthcare Plan!

With CHC, there are no age or relationship requirements. If they want any person to be on your CHC Healthcare Plan, they simply add that person. It’s that easy.

In addition, adding family members to a CHC Plan is far less expensive than adding family members to an ACA or Group plan.

Yes!  Give all your Staff another, more affordable healthcare plan option. Let them decide which healthcare plan they want.

In addition, your company’s Healthcare Plan becomes more valuable and you will have more Staff Opting-In to your company’s Healthcare Plan.

Yes.  Unlike an ACA or Group plan, which is “one-size-fits-all”, a CHC Plan is personalized by each Staff member. ACA and Group plans don’t allow for personalization.

Choices:  A CHC Healthcare Plan lets each individual Staff member chose their Benefits and Coverages to meet their needs and budget.

✓  Meeting Needs:  An 18 year-old, single person, has far different healthcare requirements than a 50 year-old with a family of 4.

These differences should be recognized by every healthcare plan. ACA and Group plans don’t, CHC does!

Yes.  There are no “In-Network” or “Out of Network” limitations. Even “Holistic” and non-traditional Medical Providers can be used.

No Need!  A CHC Plan is about 50% less expensive than Group plans. This lower cost makes the CHC Healthcare Plan more affordable and reduces the need to pay a subsidy.

Yes & No:   The CHC Healthcare Plan is not a federal qualified plan that allows setting-up a traditional HSA with a bank.

However, we can do one better!

Each Staff Member gets a Community Health Savings Account (CHSA) with their CHC Healthcare Plan.

Our CHSA has fewer restrictions, no deposit cap or medical limitations as with a traditional, federal HSA.

Also, CHC Pays 5% interest on the Staff Member’s CHSA Account Balances.

Yes.  CHC can be used for doctor visits, dental and vision, and many other medical services not covered by your “Group” plan. The most important reason for adding CHC to a Group plan is to lower your Staff’s deductible and out-of-pocket costs.

Example:  If your ACA or Group plan has an $8,000 Max Out-of-Pocket cost, your Staff Member would want to purchase a CHC Healthcare Plan with a $8,000 Benefit and a $1,000 Co-Pay Max.

Here’s why:  When your Staff Member has a Medical Event, CHC would reimburse up to $8,000 to pay their ACA or Group plan’s Deductible and Co-Insurance Out-of-Pocket costs.

Your Staff Member would only pay $1,000. With an ACA or Group plan your Staff Member’s cost could be $8,000. With CHC their cost could be only $1,000.

Questions to Consider:  How many of your Staff can afford to pay $8,000? Likely, not many, if any.  Then, why are you offering a healthcare plan that the majority of your Staff can’t afford to use?

Please give these two questions careful consideration!

CHC could save each Staff member from having a major financial crisis!

No.  CHC is completely portable. There is also no need for COBRA and no lapse in coverage. Your Staff person would lose any subsidy you may provide, but not their CHC Healthcare Plan.

Two methods

Preferred Method:  Have the CHC Healthcare Plan cost paid by your Staff member using a credit or debit card. Any subsidy could be added to the person’s paycheck.

  Company Paid:  The company pays CHC using a Group List-Bill and deducts the amount from the person’s payroll.

No!  Any Staff Member can “Opt-In” or “Opt-Out” at any time.

Anywhere in the United States & the World

CHC Healthcare Plans are More Affordable than Group Plans:  About 50% less expensive per month.  Out-of-Pocket costs are about 80% or more less expensive.

  Each CHC Plan is Individually Designed by Each Staff Member:  Not by an insurance company or the government

Each Staff Member can use any Medical Provider, Any Medical Service, Anywhere in the World:  No “In-Network” requirement. No limitations! Included popular coverages: Traditional Medical, Holistic, Dental, Vision, Hearing, Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Labs, Tests & X-Rays, Vaccines, Critical Illness, Medical Transportation and more

  Prescription Medications are Reimbursed 100%:  No Deductibles or Co-Pays

  No Deductibles or Co-Insurance:  Only a single, affordable Co-Pay

  Each Staff Member Receives Discounts & Financial Subsidies:  For Being Healthy, Having a Family, Being a Senior, Having a Low Income.

  Financial Subsidies:

Loss of Income Subsidy – If and when your Staff Member loses their income due to a medical event, CHC will pay their CHC Healthcare Plan’s monthly price.

ACA & Group Plan Financial Subsidy – CHC will pay your Staff Member’s ACA or Group plan’s costs when they are diagnosed with a major medical illness and an ACA or Group plan is recommended

  Receive the CHC Healthcare Concierge Service:  Helps manage the CHC Member’s entire Healthcare Program. Reviews the CHC Member’s bills for possible billing errors. Locates medical service discounts and cost-effective Medical Providers. Answers general healthcare questions.

  Get a Community Healthcare Savings Account (CHSA):  Each CHC Member gets a CHSA. Our CHSA is similar to a federal HSA with greater benefits. Here’s a key difference. CHC matches the CHC Member’s CHSA Contributions and pays 5% interest on their CHSA balances.

  Get Sponsorship Bonuses:  Any CHC Member can receive $100 for each person or family they Sponsor who purchases a CHC Healthcare Plan.

  Price-Lock Guarantee:  No price increase options for up to 3 years.

✓  Plus More… Contact CHC

Each CHC Healthcare Plan is personalized by each Staff Member

The Following are Representative Prices: One CHC Healthcare Plan, which can be customized by choosing may different options. The CHC prices include popular coverages such as Wellness visits, Dental, Vision, Hearing plus Holistic, Chiropractic, and Acupuncture Medical Services.

ACA & Group Plans only include Wellness visits until the Plan’s Out-of-Pocket costs are met. Dental, Vision, Hearing are extra costs that need to be purchased from other insurance companies. Holistic, Chiropractic, Acupuncture are usually not covered.

Out-of-Pocket Costs: CHC has no Deductible or Co-Insurance Cost. Only a single, affordable Co-Pay with a Maximum of $1,000 Out-of-Pocket cost per Medical Claim.

ACA & Group Plans: The annual Deductible and Co-Insurance Cost is about $8,000. This cost must be paid before the ACA pays any Medical costs. The only exception is an annual Wellness exam. Not Very Affordable!

Note: Because a CHC Healthcare Plan has more coverages than an ACA or Group plan, this is not a true “Apples to Apples” comparison.

Multiple Reasons

✓  Each Staff Member only pays for the coverages they want

✓  Staff Member’s receive Discounts and Financial Subsidies; For being Healthy, Having a Family, Being a Senior, Low Income

  CHC eliminates the insurance company from the payment path by connecting your Staff Member directly to each Medical Provider

  Medical Providers give CHC Members a “Self-Pay, No Insurance” discount that ranges from 5% to over 50%. We’ve seen discounts as high as 80%.

  CHC does not incur the costs or legal requirements insurance companies incur. Not to mention the staffing, expensive salaries and profits of insurance companies.

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