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Questions and Answers

Answer:  Associations are usually created to source and provide to its Members various business programs and services.  To attract new and retain current Association Members means your Association needs to continue to provide programs and services that benefit your Members.

One of the most sought-after employee benefit is affordable healthcare.  CHC is proposing your Association offer the CHC Healthcare Program to your Member organizations and their affiliates.

The Need:  All employers and staff members are facing the same problem.  Group Health Insurance is not affordable. Just look at the monthly premium cost.  Even with an employer subsidy, the cost is too high.  Employee take rates are less than 30% for many companies.  And that's not the biggest problem!

Look at the employee's Out-of-Pocket costs.  In 2021 the average Group plan's Out-of-Pocket cost is $8,000 or more. Just ask yourself this question, "How many of your employees can afford to pay $8,000 when they need to receive medical services?"  The answer is usually "None".  There needs to be another answer.  We have the answer.

The Solution:  CHC Healthcare Plans start as low as $62 biweekly.  Out-of-Pocket costs (no deductible or Co-insurance) can be as low as $1,000.  To see more, look at FAQs about CHC Healthcare Plans.

Association Income:  Oh yes, there is income for your Association.  CHC has a liberal, "annuity-style", month after month, compensation plan.

To see how much your Association can earn, contact us for a proposal.

Answer:  Yes.  CHC has a liberal, "annuity-style" Financial Reimbursement plan.  Your Financial Reimbursement continues month after month as long as the CHC Healthcare Plan is offered and purchased by your Association's Members.

CHC will also pay you a Financial Reimbursement when you recommend CHC to any person or company.  Think about your suppliers and all persons you come in contact with your business.  All need an affordable healthcare plan.  You can help them and CHC will compensate you.

Request a Proposal and we'll describe your Financial Reimbursement program plus show your projected compensation.

Answer:  Your Financial Reimbursement is based on the services you perform.  You have two options.

Option 1 - Referral Reimbursement:   Simply introduce CHC. For those persons or employers who have a health insurance plan, ask them if they would like to have a “free”, no obligation review of their current plan.

For those who do not have insurance, ask them if they would be interested in having healthcare insurance that is affordable.  Collect some basic information and forward to CHC.

We will follow-up with each person or employer you refer to us.  Your Referral Reimbursement is $100 for each successful sign-up.  This includes all employees of a company that joins CHC and purchases a CHC Healthcare Plan.

Option 2 - Counseling Reimbursement:
Help Design the Person's Healthcare Plan: 
Help the person or employer choose the CHC Healthcare Plan's Coverages and Benefits that meets their needs and budget.

Generate a Price Quote:  Use the CHC Quote form to price the CHC Healthcare Plan.

Follow-up:  Obtain approval to join the CHC and purchase a CHC Healthcare Plan.  Prepare an order form and send to CHC for processing.

Your Counseling Reimbursement:  10% of the monthly CHC Plan price. Your Counseling Reimbursement is an "Annuity-Style", which means you receive your Financial Reimbursement each month you and your sourced CHC Member remain with CHC.

Answer:  To anyone.  Your employees, part-timers, 1099s, volunteers and other affiliates (your "Staff).  There are no restrictions.

To other people and companies.  Consider the persons and companies that regularly interact with you and your Association.  They all need an affordable healthcare plan.

 Help them get an affordable healthcare plan and we'll compensate you for your assistance.

Answer:  Yes.  Give your Staff and your Members the CHC healthcare option.

Answer:  No.  Your Staff and Members can "Opt-In" or "Opt-Out" at any time.

Answer:  There are two options depending on your desired level of involvement and compensation.

v   Option 1:  Promote CHC along with any other healthcare plan you are now offering to your Staff and Members.

Offer to do a "Healthcare Affordability Review".  The Healthcare Affordability Review includes a quote and a comparison to their current health insurance plan.  Help your Staff and Members complete and send the CHC Healthcare Affordability Review form to CHC.  We'll follow-up with your Members to discuss the results of the Review.

v   Option 2:  Have a staff person perform the Review and discuss the results with your Staff and Members.  We'll train your staff person to conduct the Review.  The Review process only takes about 5 minutes. Finalize the sale and send the order to CHC.

By the way, this is how car dealerships work with their clients, when selling new car.  They offer to do the client's financing and insurance.

With either Option it will be another great service offered by your Association to your Staff and Members.

Contact us to discuss these options and compensation.

Everyone Saves Money  

ü   Your Healthcare Plan is about 50% less expensive than any ACA or Group plan
  You can Include any person, regardless of age, even pets
  Your Medical Services cost less because of CHC Medical Provider discounts
  All Medical Services are available: dental, vision, hearing, holistic, and more.
  Your Prescription Medications are Reimbursed 100%, No Co-Pays
  You can receive Healthy and Family Discounts
  You can receive qualifying low-income subsidies
  Deductible and Co-Insurance Costs are eliminated
  Your Out-of-Pocket Financial Risk is reduced because you select your Co-Pays
  Medical Provider “Network” Requirements are eliminated
  You can use any Medical Provider
  You receive a Community Healthcare Savings Account (CHSA)
  CHC matches your CHSA contributions dollar-for-dollar + Pays 5% interest
  You receive the CHC Concierge Service for billing reviews and healthcare advice
  You can have Loss of Income protection for CHC, ACA and Group insurance plans
  Covid Coverage is included
  World-Wide coverage is available
  Variable contract term from 1 month to 3 years
  Price Lock guaranty up to 3 years for all Benefits and Coverages
  Your CHC Healthcare Plan can be fully paid by CHC; Free Healthcare
  A Dedicated Team that stands with you as your healthcare Advocate
You are part of a Community-Wide Healthcare Initiative of People Insuring People.

No other Healthcare Plan can match CHC's Benefits and Coverages you can Receive


The following Table shows three different CHC Healthcare Plan's compared to a traditional ACA and a typical Group Insurance plan.

The CHC prices include popular coverages such as wellness visits, test and vaccines.  Each column under the plan shows the Coverages and Benefits.  Each CHC plan can be further personalized to meet the needs of each Affiliate's needs and budget. 

Answer:  You have several options.

Request a Proposal:  To see how much compensation you can receive, Click the "Request a Proposal" HUG.

Request a Quote:  To receive a healthcare Quote for your company, Click the "Request a Quote" HUG.  The RFQ Form will appear.  Time to complete, less than 5 minutes.  Then send the Form to us.  We'll be back to you within 24 hours. 

Design Your Own Healthcare Plan:  Go to "Quotes & Proposals" and select "For Employers".  A Design Form will appear. Follow the directions, make your selections.  Then send the Form to us.  We'll be back to you within 24 hours with our comments and suggestions.  Then you can finalize your plan.  Implementation can begin in about one week.

Learn More:  We suggest you review some of the other FAQs. Particularly, the FAQs about the Community Healthcare Cooperative and the FAQs about CHC and Other Healthcare Plans.

Have Questions:  Click the "Contact CHC" HUG.

Thanks for your continued interest. 

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