What CHC Members are saying about CHC

Of course, testimonials are going to be great. But, to be fair, there were other comments.

We heard the Quote process was not easy.  Too many choices.  Too much information. OK.  Here's our thoughts.  When you are given choices, then choices mean you have to make decisions. More choices, more decisions, less simple.

To help with your decisions, we supply detailed information so you can make informed decisions.  We do offer to have a CHC Concierge help with your Quote.  We do want to make it easy to join CHC and have an affordable healthcare plan. 

Other comments said that filing a Medical Claim took too much time.  The average time to file a Medical Claim is less than 15 minutes.  The average Cash Reimbursement is about $750.  15 Minutes for $750, not too bad, in our opinion.

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S. Morrison
Community Healthcare Cooperative saved our family $905 per month.  We were paying $1,441 per month for an employer plan.  Community Healthcare Cooperative lowered our cost to only $535.  And we have an affordable co-pay and no deductible or co-insurance.
P. West
We offer a Group Healthcare plan to our employees.  Because of the cost we only had a 25% participation rate. We also had complaints because of the cost to add family members to the Group Plan.  With CHC we have a much higher enrollment and happy employers who have families.
S. Thelian
No one told me I had to pay $7,000 to use my Group insurance until I talked with a CHC Rep.  Who has $7,000 to pay medical bills?  I sure didn't!  Now I have a CHC plan with a $1,000 max out of pocket.
B. Martin
We had to decide between our healthcare insurance plan and our favorite doctor who wasn't "In-Network". We stayed with our doctor and purchased a CHC Healthcare plan.
K. Habermann
Our choice was to pay $1,456.60 monthly or go without healthcare insurance.  We chose no insurance. We simply couldn't afford the cost.  That is until we found CHC.
K. Yagi
I was able to get my cat and dog covered on the same CHC Plan we have.  Sweet!
L. Wilson
I'm a waitress. My company has a healthcare plan I can't afford.  Community Healthcare Cooperative got me insurance for only $68 a paycheck.
R. O'Dell
I received $50,000 in medical bills from a hospital and four different doctors and medical companies.  Most I didn't even know.  My Community Healthcare Cooperative Concierge sorted out the bills, negotiated them down to $18,000 and helped me setup a payment plan I could afford.  Thanks.
J. Klein
When I switched to CHC from traditional insurance, I took some of my savings and funded my CHSA.  CHC matched my monthly deposit and gave me 5% interest on my deposits.  Just like getting "Free Money"
M. Yates
I needed help paying my medical bills.  My neighbor introduced me to the Community Healthcare Cooperative's Benevolent Fund.  Now I have a community of people helping me pay my medical bills.
G. Fitz
I'm a 61 year old male.  I don't need to pay for maternity coverage!  That's why I went with CHC and not an Obamacare plan.
I'm on an ACA plan and got a big federal subsidy to lower my cost.  That was great until I found out what I had to tell and do for the IRS to keep my healthcare subsidy.  Now I'm looking for a better healthcare plan.
T. Cook
I told several of my friends and relatives about Community Healthcare Cooperative.  I now get a $60 per month reduction in my own healthcare costs.  Sponsoring CHC Members does really lower your healthcare costs!  You should do it!
D. Baldwin
I like helping people, so I became a CHC Representative.  I now have a new business with a great income and future!
Martin, B.
Our Community Healthcare Cooperative Concierge helped us file a medical claim and we got a $15,000 cash reimbursement.
Le, E.
Our healthcare plan does not have doctor visits or medications until we pay a $8,000 deductible.  We purchased CHC.  Now we have as many doctor visits as we want with a small Co-Pay.

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