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A Hospital Subsidy & Healthcare Proposal for You

Introduction:  The Home Page introduced you to how CHC can benefit you and your Hospital.  This page presents more details.  In specific, we are offering you two Proposals.  One, to help your Patients and receive a Financial Subsidy for your Hospital from CHC. Two, to help your Staff have an affordable Healthcare Plan.  

Hospital Subsidy Proposal:  Offer the CHC Healthcare plan to your Hospital's patients.  Then, have CHC pay you a Financial Subsidy.  Your first reaction may be "Why?"  We have some novel thoughts for you.  Please read on.

Affordable Healthcare Proposal:  Offer the CHC Healthcare plan to your Staff as your main healthcare plan or as an optional choice with your current "Group" plan.  You can include volunteers and other non-employees.

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Thanks for your continued interest
The CHC Hospital Subsidy Program is for Your Hospital

Your Situation:   Most rural hospitals in the United States are faced with many financial challenges.  Having sufficient cash to keep operating is likely at the top of your list.  If your Hospital is in need of capital assistance, then you will benefit from our proposal.

Our Proposal:  CHC will subsidize your Hospital's annual operating budget!  Your hospital will receive a cash subsidy each month even when your Hospital performs no medical services!

What the CHC Hospital Subsidy program does for Your Hospital
v  CHC will provide your Hospital with a monthly Financial Subsidy
v  Your Financial Subsidy is paid even when no Medical Services are performed

v  Your Financial Subsidy is paid to you Month-after-Month, Year-after-Year

v  Your Financial Subsidy can extend for years and can easily be thousands of dollars

v  There is no limit to the amount of the Financial Subsidy you can receive
v  You can still receive insurance and other payments and subsidies
v  Potentially, you can receive more dollars per Patient than what you receive from their medical service billing
v  Potentially, the CHC Subsidy can eliminate the need for any type of government assistance

What You May Not Realize:   You and your Hospital have thousands, maybe even hundreds of thousands, of dollars of potential income that you are not receiving.

In the financial world, the persons who visit your Hospital would be classified as “Non-Performing Assets”.  Because your Hospital only receives income when performing a billable medical service.

When you bill the medical service and get paid, only then are your Patients classified as a “Performing Asset”.

Consider an airline.  Until the airplane flies with paying customers, the plane is a cost, a Non-Performing Asset.  Every empty seat is loss income.  When the plane flies with paying customers, the plane is a revenue producer, a “Performing Asset”.  More paying customers, more income.  The same applies to your Hospital.

Currently, your Patients are primarily Non-Performing Assets.  Your Patients offer you the opportunity to receive significant, non-service income.

The CHC Hospital Subsidy program has the potential to turn many of your Patients into full time, Performing Assets. The more Patients who join CHC, the more Subsidy you receive.

You Have Two Options

You have two Options:  Your Financial Subsidy is paid to you for each of your Patients you sponsor and who join CHC.  The amount of your Financial Subsidy is based on the type of services you perform.  You Have Two Options:

Option 1 - Referral:  In your Hospital or facility, simply introduce CHC to your Patients.  For those Patients who have health insurance, ask them if they would like to have a “free”, no obligation review of their healthcare insurance plan.

For those Patients who do not have insurance, ask them if they would be interested in having healthcare insurance that is affordable.
Collect some basic information and forward to CHC.  We will follow-up with a CHC Healthcare Affordability Review for each Patient who answers “Yes”.

Option 2 - Counseling:  Have a staff person perform the CHC Healthcare Affordability Review (the Quote).  This would normally be done at in-take when the person is waiting for their medical service.  Otherwise, at check-out after completion of the medical service.  The time to do a Quote is about 5 minutes or less. 

Next, review the results with the Patient.  The review process takes on average about 10 minutes.  Then, if the Patient wants to join CHC and purchase a CHC Healthcare Plan, help the Patient complete a short application and forward to CHC for processing.  This takes about 10 minutes.

Recommendation:   The Counseling Option pays the Annuity-Style Subsidy.  This option has the greatest Subsidy and is the longest paying.  Annuity Income is much better than Transactional Income.  Especially if you want to stabilize your budget with recurring payments!

 With either Option it will be another great service offered by your Hospital for the benefit of your Patients.

Action:  Request a Proposal. When you receive a proposal from us, you'll see that the CHC Financial Subsidy can actually produce more income for you per Patient than what you can receive by only providing an occasional medical service.

How You Receive Your Hospital Subsidy

To Start:   We're going to use some financial terms.

Transactional Income is what you receive when you sell a product or a service.  You get paid once per transaction.

Annuity Income is when you receive income without doing anything.  Of course, you must do something once.  But after that one event, you would receive continuing income.

Annuity Income is much better than Transactional Income.  Especially if you want to build a business, financially stabilize a business, or help guarantee your future!

A Financial Model to Consider:  In the financial world, your Patients would be classified as “Non-Performing Assets”. Because you only receive compensation when you perform a Medical Service. 
Only when you bill and get paid are your Patients classified a “Performing Asset”.
Annuity Income turns you Patients into full-time "Performing Assets.  Even if you never perform a Medical Service for that Patient.

The Model - Consider an airline.  Until the airplane flies with paying customers, the plane is a cost, a Non-Performing Asset.  Every empty seat is loss income.  When the plane flies with paying customers, the plane is a revenue producer, a “Performing Asset”.   More paying customers, more income.  The same applies to your Hospital.

Moving Forward:  Currently, your Patients are primarily Non-Performing Assets.  Your current and past Patients offer you the opportunity to receive significant, non-service, Annuity income. 

The CHC Hospital Subsidy Program turns your Patients into full time, Performing Assets.  The more Patients who join CHC, the more Subsidies you receive.

You already are involved with Healthcare Insurance

You already are involved because you take insurance payments!
The Hospitals we've talked with are not happy with insurance companies and their payments.  The amount of paperwork.  They also talk about their income and would like some options for an alternative to closing.

Some of your options for increasing your income:
v   Increase prices:   Most people think their healthcare is already too expensive.  This tactic may result in you losing patients to a competitor!
v   Get more reimbursements from insurance and federal or state aid programs:  This will not likely happen!  
v   Receive Income from related products and services:  Some Hospitals have opened their own remote centers and dispense medications.  This is an additional responsibility and cost.
v   Your Best Option:  How about CHC's Hospital Subsidy Program?

Think About How CHC Can Change Your Hospital's financial future!

Many people avoid medical treatment because they can't afford the cost of Traditional Health Insurance

Their Headache:  Traditional healthcare insurance has become completely unaffordable for everyone, including your patients.  Both monthly and again when your Patients have to pay their plan's deductible and co-insurance costs.

Your Problem:  Reports show that fewer people have health insurance.  Yet, they still need basic wellness and non-routine medical services.  For routine medical services they may use their primary care doctor.  Or they may use your ER.  In the latter case you may offer a non-insurance, self-pay discount.  However, there still remains a potential payment and bad debt issue.

If the Patient has a major medical issue, your Hospital must treat the Patient even if they have no insurance and likely will not be able to pay you for their medical services.

Your Opportunity:  The CHC Hospital Subsidy can off-set your costs and bad debts.  CHC aggregates the payments from the Community's residents, individuals, families and employers.  These aggregated funds are used to pay your Hospital's Subsidy.

Helping Your Community:  Many of the people in your Community cannot afford traditional healthcare insurance.  Employers can't afford Group insurance.

We can provide your Community's residents with an affordable Healthcare Plan that will save them up to 50% on their monthly cost.  More importantly, savings of up to 80% on their deductible and co-insurance costs.  CHC also provides financial assistance, low-income subsidies, healthy and family discounts.

You should also consider CHC for your Staff.  Your Staff is like everyone else.  Each needs an affordable healthcare plan that can be tailored to their needs and budget.

Let us do a Proposal for you and a Quote for your staff to see how beneficial CHC can be for you and them.

Think About How CHC Can Help Your Hospital and Your Community!
To Give Your Staff an Affordable Healthcare Plan

They Need an Affordable Healthcare Plan:  Your Staff is just like all other people in your Community.  They have families and the same healthcare needs.

What About the Cost:  If you are offering your Staff a healthcare plan, we can reduce your and their cost.  If you are not offering a healthcare plan, now is the time!

Suggestion:  Take a few minutes to read "Learn More - For Employers".

Let us do a quote for your Staff to see how beneficial CHC can be for them and you. 

Copy a Successful Business Model

Auto Dealerships: How People Buy Cars - How Dealerships Sell Cars

How People Buy Cars:  They locate a reputable dealer.  They go to the dealership.  They probably look at some cars and the pricing before going inside to talk with a salesperson.  Once inside, they'll be shown options.  This is the fun part.  They are choosing what they want.  They are "building" their car. 

Now it gets down to the business of buying the car.  This is not fun.  The salesperson and the sales manager are back and forth until finally everyone agrees on the price.  But for the dealership, the process is not finished.

How Dealerships Sell Cars:  Long ago car dealerships learned that just selling cars was not enough.  They began offering insurance and financing, which allowed them to sell more cars and significantly increase their dealership's income.

Dealerships created the Finance and Insurance (F&I) person.   After the "Sale was Made" the F&I person takes care of the "paperwork" and creates another major income stream for the dealership.  In many cases, the income is greater from F&I then from the sale of the car.  In addition, the F&I creates an "Annuity-Style income for the dealership.

Just Like CHC is proposing for your Hospital.

How your Hospital can use this Successful Model:

Patients Come to Your Hospital:  They come because that want or need a Medical Service.  They know you must treat them.  Many have no insurance. Many can't pay.

Your Patients Other Illness:  But what should be obvious to you is most of your Patients have another medical issue.  The cost of their healthcare insurance. And this is not being treated by you or anyone else.

Medical Financial Aid:  Like Car Dealerships, offer a financial service to all your Patients.  Offer to do an "Insurance Affordability Check".  Run a CHC Quote.  See how much money you can save them.  Show them that they can get an affordable healthcare plan.
Offer a complete Medical Service for the health and wellbeing of your Patients and all persons in the Community.

Summary:   Provide additional services to help your Patients and receive additional, non-medical service income for offering the CHC Healthcare Plan to your Patients.  All your Patients need affordable healthcare.  Your location is excellent to offer your Patients an affordable CHC Healthcare Plan.

Action:  Contact us to receive a proposal showing your Hospital's potential Financial Subsidy opportunity.

There are two main factors

First, because of the cost of healthcare insurance, fewer people have insurance.  When they have any medical issue, they go to the Hospital ER.  Because hospitals must, by law and commitment, provide their medical services.  Your Hospital provides the medical services with little likelihood of getting paid or reimbursed.

Second, those that have insurance are still required to pay the insurance plan's deductible and co-insurance costs.  In 2020, these out-of-pocket costs average about $8,000.  The majority of the citizens in your community do not have $8,000 to pay you. So, for all practical purposes, even people with insurance may not be able to pay your medical bill.

The result, without insurance payments or financial aid from state and federal governments, hospitals will go bankrupt.  It's a fact happening all over the U.S.

The underlying problem in both cases is money.  Money can solve your Hospital's financial problems.  The question is, where does the money come from?  The answer, from the Community Healthcare Cooperative.

Our Proposal:  CHC has a Hospital Subsidy program that pays you an on-going, monthly "Annuity" Cash Subsidy.

Why would we do this?  We need your Hospital to provide medical services for our Cooperative Members. We want to keep your Hospital operating!

Everyone Saves Money  

ü   Your Healthcare Plan is about 50% less expensive than any ACA or Group plan
  You can Include any person, regardless of age, even pets
  Your Medical Services cost less because of CHC Medical Provider discounts
  All Medical Services are available: dental, vision, hearing, holistic, and more.
  Your Prescription Medications are Reimbursed 100%, No Co-Pays
  You can receive Healthy and Family Discounts
  You can receive qualifying low-income subsidies
  Deductible and Co-Insurance Costs are eliminated
  Your Out-of-Pocket Financial Risk is reduced because you select your Co-Pays
  Medical Provider “Network” Requirements are eliminated
  You can use any Medical Provider
  You receive a Community Healthcare Savings Account (CHSA)
  CHC matches your CHSA contributions dollar-for-dollar + Pays 5% interest
  You receive the CHC Concierge Service for billing reviews and healthcare advice
  You can have Loss of Income protection for CHC, ACA and Group insurance plans
  Covid Coverage is included
  World-Wide coverage is available
  Variable contract term from 1 month to 3 years
  Price Lock guaranty up to 3 years for all Benefits and Coverages
  Your CHC Healthcare Plan can be fully paid by CHC; Free Healthcare
  A Dedicated Team that stands with you as your healthcare Advocate
You are part of a Community-Wide Healthcare Initiative of People Insuring People.

No other Healthcare Plan can match CHC's Benefits and Coverages you can Receive


CHC Offers More Choices, Coverages and Benefits, at Less Cost, than Any Other Healthcare Plan

The following Table shows three different CHC Healthcare Plan's compared to a traditional ACA Insurance plan.
The CHC prices include popular coverages such as wellness visits, tests and vaccines.  Each column under the plan shows the Coverages and Benefits.  Each CHC plan can be further personalized to meet your needs and budget. 

Getting Your CHC Hospital Financial Subsidy Proposal    

Click the "Request a Proposal" graphic.  Answer a few questions and we'll promptly return your ARP Reimbursement Proposal.

Getting a Healthcare Quote    

You Have Two Choices

Design Your Own Plan:  By Clicking the "Design Your Own Plan" graphic, a form will appear.  Simply choose the Coverages and Benefits you want in your Company Plan. Then you will see your CHC Healthcare Plan's price.

When you finish, send us the form.  We'll review, maybe offer some suggestions.  Upon your approval, we'll design your Implementation Plan. 
Remember, each of your Staff will still be able to personalize their plan.

Request a Quote:  Have us Design a Plan for and with you by Clicking the "Request a Quote" graphic.  A form will appear.  Answer a few questions.  Send the form to us and we'll get back to you with a Quote.  Then, with our help, you can make changes to fit your needs and budget.  
With your acceptance, we'll immediately start implementing your CHC Program.

If you want us to contact you or have questions  
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