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Introduction:  The Home Page introduced you to how CHC can benefit you and your family.  This page presents more details.  For your next action, select from the drop-down menus or Click a HUG at the bottom of this page.

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Include Everyone You Want
v   Everyone can be included
v   No Age Restrictions.  Keep any dependant on your plan regardless of age

v   No Relationship Restrictions.  Grandparents, adopted families, aunts, uncles, etc.
v   Your Pets can also be included
Get the All Medical Services You Want

Unlike an ACA or Group plan, which is "one-size-fits-all", your CHC Plan is personalized by you to meet your needs and budget.

Traditional Medical Services and Holistic Services are all available.

Medical Services are covered anywhere in the U.S. and optional World-Wide.

If you have a special need or request, let us know.

No  "In-Network"  Requirement

No "In-Network" or "Out of Network" limitations:   You can use any Medical Provider.  Even Specialists and "Holistic" Medical Providers can be used.


Primary Care Physicians:   We prefer PCPs for wellness, routine Medical Services.
Urgent Care Facilities:  Use an Urgent Care facility for all non-routine Medical Services.

Hospitals and Stand-Alone ERs:  Only use a hospital and ER for life-threatening situations.  Their prices are 8 times or more higher than an Urgent Care.

Design Your Own Plan 

Choose Traditional Coverages:   Such as Dental, Vision Hearing
Choose Non-Traditional Coverages:  Holistic, Acupuncture, Chiropractic
Choose  Your Benefit Amount:  The Benefit Amount applies to the Coverages you select .  The greater the Benefit, the more Medical Service reimbursements you can receive. 
Benefit Options range from $1,000 to $25,000.  

Consider This:   Most Routine Medical Services cost less than $250.  Many Non-Routine Medical Services, such as treating the flu, a broken bone, a cut finger, cost less than $2,500.  Even other Non-Routine Medical Services rarely cost over $10,000.  By carefully selecting your Benefit Amount will keep your CHC Plan cost more affordable.

Your CHC Rep or the CHC Concierge will help you with this choice.

Manage Your Financial Risk
Lower Your Out-of-Pocket Costs

The Financial Risk:  With an  ACA or Group plan, your  financial risk is the inability to pay your plan's Out-of-Pocket cost. 
Your Out-of-Pocket costs are you Plan's Deductible and Co-Insurance.
Most of these plans have an annual Out-of-Pocket cost of $8,000 or more. 

CHC Out-of-Pocket Cost:  Your Out-of-Pocket cost can be limited to only $1,000.  CHC has no Deductible or Co-Insurance cost

Think about this:  Can you afford to pay $8,000 when you need to use your insurance?  Likely it would be a financial problem.

Medications Reimbursed 100%
v   No Co-pay
v   No Co-Insurance
v   No Deductible
v   Up to $1,000 per year can be Reimbursed
Plan Discounts & Subsidies
v   Healthy Discount:  Your reward for taking care of yourself
v   Family Discount:   The larger the family, the greater the Discount
v   Income Subsidy:   For lower income persons.  Check with us to see if you qualify.
v   Loss of Income Subsidy:   When you lose your income due to a medical event
v   Benevolent Fund:   The Fund will pay your CHC, ACA or Group plan costs   
No Plan Price Increase
v   Your monthly CHC Healthcare Plan price will not increase
v   The prices for your Coverages & Benefits will not increase
v   Add additional Coverages & Benefits at any time at today's price
v   Price-Lock up to 3 years  
Flexible Agreement Term
v   Agreement Term from 1 month to 3 years
v   Standard  Agreement Term is 12 months
v   Use CHC Flex Term instead of the much more expensive COBRA

v   Choose a  shorter term if you may receive an employer healthcare plan
v   Choose a longer term to guarantee your price and coverage
Protect Your Healthcare Plan From Being Cancelled
v   When you have a loss of income due to a medical event
v   The CHC Benevolent Fund will pay your CHC plan's monthly price
v   The CHC Benevolent Fund will pay your ACA or Group plan's monthly price
v   Choose your Benefit term from 1 to 12 months
Your Personal Healthcare Advocate
v   Helps you manage your entire healthcare program
v   Reviews your medical bills for possible billing errors
v   Reviews to see if you are getting medical service discounts
v   Negotiates payment terms with Medical Providers
v   Helps you locate affiliated medical Providers
v   Helps you with general healthcare questions
Sponsor New CHC Members
v   Help your family, friends, neighbors, business associates get a CHC Healthcare plan
Receive up to $100 for each person you Sponsor
No-Limit to the Sponsorship Credits you can receive
v   Consider becoming a CHC Independent Representative and receive more $$$
v   Sponsoring can get you a Free CHC Healthcare Plan

Everyone Saves Money  

ü  Your CHC Plan is about 50% less expensive than any ACA or Group plan
ü You can Include any person, even pets, on your CHC Plan
ü Medical Services cost less when you receive CHC Medical Provider discounts
ü All Popular Medical Services are available options: dental, vision, hearing, etc.
ü Holistic Medical Services are available options
ü All Medical Providers are available - No “In-Network” Requirement
ü Prescription Medications are Reimbursed 100%, No Co-Pay
ü Deductible and Co-Insurance Costs are gone, replaced with a single Co-Pay
ü You select your Co-Pay to an amount you can afford to pay
ü Your Out-of-Pocket Financial Risk is limited by the CHC "Shared-Responsibility"
ü You can receive Healthy and Family Discounts
ü If you qualify, you can receive a Low-Income Subsidy
ü You receive a Community Healthcare Savings Account (CHSA)
ü CHC matches your CHSA Contributions dollar-for-dollar
ü CHC Pays 5% interest on your CHSA Contributions
ü Loss of Income protection to pay your CHC, ACA or Group plan's monthly price
ü Covid 19 Coverage is included
ü Variable contract term from 1 month to 3 years to fit your needs
ü Price-Lock at today's prices to add or change Coverages with no price increase.
ü World-Wide coverage is an available option
ü You receive the CHC Concierge Service for billing reviews & other healthcare help
ü Receive Free Healthcare with our CHC Sponsorship program. Call for details.
ü A Dedicated Team that stands with you as your Healthcare Advocate
ü You are part of a Community-Wide Healthcare Initiative: People Insuring People 

No other Healthcare Plan can match CHC's Benefits & Coverages your Employees can Receive


CHC Offers More Choices, Coverages and Benefits, at Less Cost, than Any Other Healthcare Plan

The following Table shows three different CHC Healthcare Plan's compared to a traditional ACA Insurance plan.
The CHC prices include popular coverages such as wellness visits, tests and vaccines.  Each column under the plan shows the Coverages and Benefits.  Each CHC plan can be further personalized to meet your needs and budget. 

Getting a Healthcare Quote    

You Have Two Choices

Design Your Own Plan:  By Clicking the "Design Your Own Plan" graphic, a form will appear.  Simply choose the Coverages and Benefits you want for your company. Then you will see your CHC Healthcare Plan's price.

When you finish, send us the form.  We'll review, maybe offer some suggestions. Upon your approval, approval time is about 24 hours.

Request a Quote:  Have us Design a Plan for and with you by Clicking the "Request a Quote" graphic.  A form will appear.  Answer a few questions. Send the form to us and we'll get back to you with a Quote.  Then, with our help, you can make changes to fit your needs and budget.  

If you want to contact us OR have us contact you, Click a "Contact" Hug

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